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17 Stages Of Every College Grad's Job Search.

"I'm gonna go get one of those job things."

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1. You've just graduated and you and your friends talk about post-college life. And after everyone talks about the jobs they got during the school year, you realize that you never even tried.

2. So it's time to start your job search. It can't be THAT hard.

3. I mean, really. I'll just give everyone my resume. They're going to love me, "I have a degree."

4. But wait, everyone has online applications now. What did I print all of these resumes out for?!

5. So you start filling out online applications. Geez, you've filled out like 30 applications in 3 hours. Now time to wait for all of those responses.

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6. And you read the automatic reply email that says "We'll let you know if you match any of our open positions." And you have hope. I mean, you have a DEGREE.

7. But you don't hear back from any of them. Not ONE.

8. And you have a quick freak out. But it's fine, you can just spruce up your resume.

9. But then you realize there is nothing to spruce up.

10. Then you start writing cover letters that say how much you love companies that you know NOTHING about.

11. You finally get an interview! YAY! An interview! That went so well! They said they'd call you! Of course they are going to! But wait, what's this rejection letter?

12. But the rejection letter says "good luck with your job search." So I guess that counts! Right? RIGHT?!

13. Then someone asks about that job that you interviewed for.

14. And then you have to tell them that you didn't get it.

15. Fast forward to your 50th rejection letter.

16. Fast forward to your 100th rejection letter.

17. Fast forward to present and you still don't have a job. WELP, guess it's time to ask your parents for some rent money. Just remind them that you have a DEGREE.

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