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17 Goofy Dogs Are Here To Remind You To Not Think So Much.

Dogs are insanely cute, fun, and sweet. But also extremely goofy. This goofy bunch is here to make your worries go away.

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1. "When I lay my head down like ear flops over like this. Okay, YOU TRY!"

2. "Okay...alright...I can do this. Gosh dangit leg, get up here! And you! Armrest! You get out of here too! Agh...aghhhhhh."

3. "Oh no...I'm gonna sneeze...ah...AH...AAHHHHHHH... Gosh dangit it. The sneeze won't come out."

4. "Oooooooohh... I smell cookies. Did you buy cookies? Oh of course you bought cookies. I'm a dog, I can smell ANYTHING."

5. "Is that a photo you're taking up there? I mean, you've been smiling for a long time. Why won't she just TAKE the photo. Here, I'll just cock my head in case I'm in the background."

6. "Okay let me just check if I have water in here. feels wet. It tastes wet...Okay, it probably is water but who's to say for SURE?"

7. "I now realize I shouldn't have writhed around when you picked me up. I have made a mistake... I feel like a pretzel..."

8. "Oh I love road trips! These are so fun. Wait, WAIT! I have to pee, can we pull over? Ah what the heck. I'll just go right here. Ahhhhhhhh...."

9. Oh this bed is just SO nice. I'm gonna twist here. Still comfy. Okay, now this way...STILL comfy. Oh, hey Rick. OW! Don't bite me you jerk, I'll bite YOU!"

10. "Oh! What is THAT? Is that my EAR? I don't I'll move my ear to see. WAIT! I can't move my ear. Well, I'll never know..."

11. "I am guardian of this bed and you cannot enter! I will defend this post until my death! OR until I receive one belly rub and a scratch behind the ear! IN THAT ORDER!"

12. "Wait...uh...what are you doing? HEY, don't touch my foot. That's MY foot! HEEYYY! Don't jump at me! Okay, I've had enough!"

13. "I've been staring at the sun for hours. I KNOW it's not good for my eyes. But, it's just SO PRETTY! Hi Sun!"

14. "SHHHH! If you don't say anything, he'll never know! Play it COOL!"

15. "Oh MY! Is that my paw?! It looks HUGE!"

16. "Okay...Let me just inch down this thing... Okay... AHHHH! SAVE MEEEEE!"

17. "What do you mean my tongue is out? I would know if my tongue is out. I'm not stupid..."

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