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15 Animals Who Remind Us Of Our Own Parents

Animal parents handle their children the same way that our parents handled us.

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1. "Look at our precious little girl. She's EMBARRASSED we are with her at the mall. That's right honey, we DID just say that loud enough for everyone to hear."

2. "Come on, son. Show Mrs. Thompson that little song you made up for us. Really Susan, it is the CUTEST thing."

3. "That's right, son. Just look cute for the dumb humans and we'll get treats. Easiest trick ever."

4. "Don't you DARE yell at my baby ever again! I don't care what she did in your class. It is NOT your job to yell at my daughter!"

5. "Aw sweetheart, thanks for the kiss but you aren't getting more allowance."

6. "I'll always be here for you baby girl. I know you're sleeping, but I just wanted to let you know that. I love you."

7. "Well gosh darn it, boy. How did you get this much DIRT on your stomach?! I have to clean you all up!"

8. "Please darling, I know it's Christmas but can I please sleep in? Okay okay! I'm up. I'm up..."

9. "Son, I swear to God. How many times do I have to tell you to brush your teeth. I shouldn't NEED to tell you to brush them."

10. "You two little ruffians are going to hurt your old man. I'm not as young as I used to be.

11. "Why are you acting like you did something wrong?"

12. "I'm sorry, but you have something on your face. I need to use some spit to get it off."

13. "Son, I will play with you in a little bit. I just got off work and want to rest for just a FEW minutes. That's all and then I'll play with you as long as you want. Yes...I promise."

14. "Honey, what did that character just say?! I don't think you should be watching this. What do you mean, "Dad let's me watch it?" Well I'm going to have to have a talk with him."

15. "That's right, son. Just take in that ocean air. Isn't the beach just WONDERFUL?"
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