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    11 Reasons Everyone Loves Jared Dunn From "Silicon Valley"

    Your love for him is justified.

    1. He doesn't take "being a bro" lightly. IT'S SACRED.

    And maybe he tries a little too hard to bro out sometimes.

    2. He's got a solution for lit'rally every damn problem. No matter the topic.

    3. He isn't afraid to take jabs at his own appearance. Some call it being humble.

    Like, really.

    4. He has the most difficult time being rude. Aww.

    5. He can be brave. Especially if it means taking one for the team.

    6. He's great at sleepovers.

    7. He's got a bank loaded up in his mind with fun facts.

    8. Julia Roberts is his spirit animal.

    9. He'll always go for the gold and ask the hard-hitting questions.

    10. He's a great friend, and pretty damn motivational.

    11. And he is ALWAYS ready to pivot.