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14 Dogs Who Pooped Their Pants If They Had Pants To Poop In

Pooping your pants is embarrassing. We all know that. And so do dogs. Luckily they don't have pants to poop in. But if they did, these would be their reactions.

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1. "Not exactly sure if I farted or pooped. Better go check."

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Where are you going, Jim? You can't just mumble and walk off like that! It's rude. Okay...he's gone. What the hell is that smell?

4. "If I close my eyes, It's like it never happened."

dogsandpupsdaily / Via

We're sorry pup, We all can smell it. Just go to the bathroom and change your pants. Bob has an extra pair he can lend you.

5. "I've gotta stand right here for a second. No reason. Just wanna stand here. I'll catch up."

dogsandpupsdaily / Via

All your friends are going to wonder why you aren't catching up sooner or later. Just fake an emergency and run on home.

6. "I didn't poop myself. I'll punch you in the face if you ever accuse me of that again."

dogsandpupsdaily / Via

Okay tough guy. It's not like we don't smell anything. And we all just took off our pants to prove to you that we didn't. Just fess up.

7. "Oh no. Not again. Not Again!"

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Jim, you may need to see a doctor. You've pooped yourself twelve times this week. That's more than once a day. You're going to run out of pants.

8. "Nothing to see here. Just a dog putting his face in his butt."

dogsandpupsdaily / Via

Hey man, are you alright? We're all worried that you are going to suffocate. Also, did you eat chocolate or something? It's all over your teeth. You know it's bad for you to eat chocolate.

9. "Do you think they'll notice if I get up and leave?"

dogsandpupsdaily / Via

Just get up and go. No one but me will know what happened if you go now and quickly. Just be careful not to kick any of them. I think Rick may already have his eyes open actually. Just run. Also, why are you wearing pants to bed?

10. "I just want to go home. Before I cry in front of everyone, just let me go home."

dogsandpupsdaily / Via

Okay little guy. We'll go home. I'll just say I'm feeling ill or something. It happens to everyone little bud, don't cry.

11. "Yep. That's it. Just squeeze it out all over your new sheets. Now you'll think twice before petting another dog."

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Okay little guy. You have to quit getting upset about this stuff. I'm going to pet the occasional dog. I'm always going to come home to you and you know that. You are the light of my life.

12. "I poopied my pants." *starts to laugh for five minutes*

dogsandpupsdaily / Via

Come on. You shouldn't be happy about this. I can't bring you out in public if you keep pooping your pants. You're the only one that thinks it's funny.

13. "This is the worst day of my life. I just want to become a hermit and never see anyone again."

dogsandpupsdaily / Via

Oh no. You're overreacting. Don;t be such a drama queen. No one even knew until you just announced it.

14. "I pooped myself, but I'm still alive and life is great! What's one pair of pooped pants. I don't even want to change them."

dogsandpupsdaily / Via

Okay, we all know that you are happy and care-free but please can we go change your pants? It'd make me a lot happier...Alright, fine. You're right, I shouldn't care what people think.

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