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    • davidr69

      Why do people assume that if you’re a man attracted to other men, that you’re AUTOMATICALLY a whore (#3 and #6)? That you’ll screw boys (aka Boy Scouts drama). That you’ll go after straight men. That if you’re a bisexual guy, you’re either in denial or a whore. If you’re a gay man, you’re just choosing to be so because you want to be a whore and get attention. I’ve never understood that before. Obviously I take umbrage in the other 9 myths being debunked but the attracted to men=whore=deviant and gross thing really mystifies me as a gay man. It’s hurtful.

    • davidr69

      I can understand why some who vote this a win, but I just can’t with the slurs. She went way over the line heavily, and then defended herself. I’m glad she didn’t fake apologize, because we know where she stands now. She has basically ruined her career. I’ve likened her to Odd Future who had the chance to become huge but never have really blown up and it’s directly a result of the fact they were connected to hate early in their career and it drove them away from the mainstream. Azealia has just sealed the same fate. Odd Future have done decent for themselves regardless and maybe Azealia can too but she’ll never be a superstar anymore. Too bad because the talent is there. But her bigotry isn’t worthy me listening to her music.

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