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    • davidr119

      Maybe so but the gay parades were because russia rejected a law for gay couples to adopt children. I’m sorry but gay adoption is 100% WRONG. The other thing they were protesting was the rights to submit gay propaganda to minors? Really? to MINORS? WTF is wrong with these ppl. If I ever have kids I don’t want some gay ass homo to be telling my kid it’s OK to be gay. I’m sorry but gay is a CHOICE not a genetic coding. you CHOOSE to be gay. SORRY. The other thing they were protesting was gay marriage. I’m sorry but marriage is between a man and a woman. Marriage means kids and family. If gays are allowed to have kids and family then.. well let’s just say these last 2 generations of kids are fucked up enough as it is. Do we really need them worse???? It was the PEOPLE of russia opposing what these gays were marching for not the government. The gays were simply detained not beat to shit by the police. It was the PEOPLE that were beating them up. It’s the PEOPLE who don’t want their children to be taught that it’s OK to be gay, to be adopted by gay couples, etc. They have every right to make their stand. The opposition to homosexual activity like this is something north america needs to take a stand on as well! I don’t care what they do behind closed doors but I’m sorry I just don’t support gay marriage, gay child adoption and gay propaganda to minors!

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