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10 Profound Quotes We're Definitely Not Just Making Up As We Go Along

These quotes are as profound as they are 100% real.

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2. "If you strive to treat others only as you would like to be treated, people might give you a handshake or even a Lego set."

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Profound or what? By the way, we're definitely not just making these quotes up as we go along.

3. "The world is a banquet of endless splendour and you should sample everything it has to offer. But don't bother with go-karting because it's not as fun as you might think."

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We found this one in a book. We're not going to tell you which book because you don't really need to know. The point is this is a profound quote and we're not just making these up as we go along.


4. "There is a bicycle in Heaven for every man, woman, and child. Not even kidding. It's like bike city up there."

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You don't believe this one's real? This is one of our personal favourites, and we definitely didn't just make it up.

5. "Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to be a fish and he can trick other fish into thinking he's a fish."

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There's a funny story behind this one but we can't remember it right now. We're sure it'll come back to us later.

6. "Live your life as though you're being stalked through the woods by a spider who really wants to borrow your PlayStation 2."

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Now you must have heard this one. This one's a classic. We can't believe you think we're just making these up.

9. "Giving up is like giving up. If you give up, you give up, and who gives up?! Not you. Don't give up, even if you feel like giving up."

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The height of profundity. Gripping, arresting prose. Words that hold in your mind and shake you to the very core. How on earth do people think we're just making these quotes up as we go along?

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