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How To Make Vegan Lettuce Wraps

Just because it's vegan doesn't mean it needs to taste like sadness. Spicy quinoa, guacamole, and sun-dried tomato sauce makes for the perfect easy meal for a vegan or vegetarian.

David Mammina 5 years ago

How To Make Healthy Orange-Ginger Scones

Swapping ingredients can be fun and also save your diet! Don't forget to defeat the purpose by loading these treats up with butter and jam while you enjoy them. Remember, the calories even out, so it's okay.

David Mammina 5 years ago

14 Tips To Help You Prepare A Vegan Meal

...because contrary to popular belief, vegans are people, too!

David Mammina 5 years ago

10 Reasons Why Honey Is The Best Food Ever

Let's disregard the fact that it's insanely delicious, honey is actually like a super-food!

David Mammina 5 years ago