During a Wednesday night set in California attended by the Daily Beast, the comedian joked about his sexual misconduct controversy.

David Mack • 23 hours ago

Some of Clarkson’s LGBT fans have been sharing outlandish, made-up quotes from the Sharp Objects star, but her PR team isn’t pleased.

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The children climbed into the appliance when a woman watching them play outside went to use the restroom.

David Mack • 2 days ago

The Iraq War veteran behind the crowdsourcing effort suddenly changed his plans Friday on what to do with the funds.

David Mack • 6 days ago

The TATBILB star also shared her thoughts on who would be good as the love interest John Ambrose in the sequel.

David Mack • 8 days ago

The attorney representing parents who told police their adult daughter is being held captive by Kelly confirmed to BuzzFeed News that prosecutors had reached out after the documentary series aired.

David Mack • 9 days ago

But Quinn also said it was “obviously” too soon for Louis C.K. to be attempting a stand-up comeback after his sexual misconduct controversy.

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David Mack • 14 days ago

The teen was showing off a handgun to three friends inside a shed when it accidentally fired.

David Mack • 15 days ago

The president's tweets on Saturday contained incorrect information about the deaths of both 7-year-old Jakelin Caal and 8-year-old Felipe Gomez Alonzo.

Julia Reinstein • 19 days ago

While Trump and Democrats argue, a reported 800,000 federal employees are furloughed or are working without pay because the government is shut down over the border wall funding dispute.

David Mack • 21 days ago

Officials believe the fall was an accident but are still investigating.

David Mack • 21 days ago

The secret trip came amid a government shutdown and less than a week after Defense Secretary James Mattis resigned following the president's decision to withdraw US troops from Syria and Afghanistan.

David Mack • 22 days ago

Ginsburg had undergone a pulmonary lobectomy on Friday to remove two cancerous nodules from her lung.

David Mack • 23 days ago

The decision has outraged environmentalists and countries like Australia that have strongly opposed Japanese whaling.

David Mack • 23 days ago

Buena Regional High School student-athlete Andrew Johnson was filmed having his hair chopped off by a trainer on the sidelines of a wrestling match Dec. 19 in New Jersey, sparking outrage online.

David Mack • 23 days ago

Patrick Frazee has been arrested over the disappearance of Kelsey Berreth, who was last seen in supermarket surveillance video on Thanksgiving Day.

David Mack • 27 days ago

In an interview on Profile, Jeong also opened up about his time on the sets of The Hangover and Community.

David Mack • One month ago

Fans and celebrities alike had been left extremely concerned by the disturbing Instagram message from Davidson, who subsequently deleted his account.

David Mack • One month ago

The man is now being investigated by police for trespassing and a possible burglary.

David Mack • One month ago