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Andrea Mitchell Had The Best Response When Bill O'Reilly Called Her "Unruly"

"On International Women’s Day, don’t call a veteran, pioneering female journalist 'unruly' for doing her job."

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During her decades-long career, she has worked as a congressional and White House reporter, foreign correspondent, and host of Andrea Mitchell Reports on MSNBC.

On Tuesday, Mitchell caused a stir when she shouted out questions during a photo op between Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and his Ukrainian counterpart in Washington, DC.

You guys. This happened today. This is why we ❤️ Andrea @mitchellreports. There is nobody more dogged, more tenaci…


Mitchell tried repeatedly to ask Tillerson about China and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The new top US diplomat has still not given a media interview, despite being sworn in as the head of the State Department five weeks ago. Further, the first State Department press briefing under President Trump took place only Tuesday; Tillerson is also reportedly planning to break protocol by not allowing reporters to travel with him on an upcoming trip to Asia.

"Still no answers from Secretary of State Rex Tillerson," Mitchell told viewers on Tuesday, after airing the clip of her trying to ask questions.

His tweet linked to a video of the incident on his website, which read: "The NBC News host shouts question after question at Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, then seems proud as a peacock at her display."

A Fox News spokesperson told BuzzFeed News the tweet was sent by staff at O'Reilly's personal website, not from anyone at the network.

Mitchell's fellow reporters and media professionals quickly took O'Reilly to task for his characterization of her actions.

Unruly? No. She was trying to ask questions — as any good reporter should. And I'm proud to call her a friend and c…


a man calling a female reporter "unruly" for trying to do her job is why we need to keep protesting. #IWD2017

Tip of the Day: On International Women’s Day, don’t call veteran, pioneering female journalist “unruly” for doing h…

One person's unruly is another person's dogged; persistent; honorable.

Happy International Women's Day, from all the unruly female reporters doing their job


Others pointed to that infamous viral video of O'Reilly shouting, "Fuck it — I'll do it live!" when he was host of Inside Edition.

MUST WATCH: So @oreillyfactor said @mitchellreports was "unruly" cause she dared to ask Tillerson some questions. T…

Mitchell herself seems to be having the last laugh, though. She ended Wednesday's program with a wry smile and the words, "And that does it for this unruly edition of Andrea Mitchell Reports."

“And that does it for this UNRULY edition of Andrea @MitchellReports” [mic drop]

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