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A Mexican Drug Lord Escaped From Prison And People Are Making Donald Trump Jokes


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Of course, Twitter users being Twitter users, people were quick to start drawing connections between the stories.

Hello Señor #Trump... You were saying? #ElChapo

Some joked El Chapo had broken out in order to defend "his people."

el chapo when he heard what donald trump said about mexicans

Another user quoted Sam the Onion Man from Holes to try to guess El Chapo's motivations.

When Donald Trump thinks he's better than everyone else, Chapo was like


A lot of people were speculating how Trump felt when he heard the news.


Donald Trump getting that CNN alert of El Chapo's break..

This GIF never gets old.

Donald Trump when he heard El Chapo escaped from prison:

People imagined what Trump's next move might be.

Donald Trump finding out El Chapo escaped prison 😂😂😂 no que no cabron

Some final sage advice:

Donald Trump best advice I can give you since El Chapo is out of jail #ElChapo #DonaldTrump


Trump himself weighed in on the escape on Sunday afternoon, tweeting that the jailbreak was proof his past comments about Mexicans were correct.

Mexico's biggest drug lord escapes from jail. Unbelievable corruption and USA is paying the price. I told you so!

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