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Kate Middleton Tried Her Best With This Crying Little Girl

Not. Impressed.

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"She's basically a really happy little girl and she never cries!" her mother Georgie told BuzzFeed News on Monday. "I joked and said, 'Oh, I bet she'll cry when she meets the Duchess.' And of course she did. She was absolutely terrified!"

"The Duchess was so charming. She said, 'You're daughter is so beautiful,' and I just said I was so sorry she was crying, but she said she was used to it!"

Georgie said her friends have been sharing the photos online and she has made sure to buy all the newspapers that printed the pictures so she can save them for posterity.

"When her first boyfriend comes over, I'm going to bring out the articles," Georgie joked. "I'll even bring them out at her wedding and say, 'You met royalty but you majorly f*cked up big time!'"

Oh, well.