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There's An Olympic Sport Where The Players Wear Bathrobes

I never knew this!

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So, before every Olympic Games, each country will usually host a media event where it debuts all the official uniforms its athletes will wear.

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We see tracksuits and swimwear and athletic gear...

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But you know what's never showcased?

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Yes, before every water polo match, players don bathrobes in their national colors and line up along the pool edge to sing their anthems.

I guess they're trying to avoid singing in just their Speedos?
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I guess they're trying to avoid singing in just their Speedos?

The whole look is, well, really dorky.

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When swimmers come out to the pool before their races, they get to wear cool tracksuits.

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But apparently it's an Olympic tradition to make water polo players greet the crowds dressed like your Great Aunt Mildred.

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Oh, and they all wear flip-flops, too. Just to complete the look.

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Some even choose to stay warm on the sidelines by rocking their robes.

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Maybe they're going for a Hugh Hefner–esque look?

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OK, maybe I can get behind this...

Water Polo is pretty cool because you get to show up to work in your robe 😂 (via @USAWP)

Water polo!

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