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There's An Olympic Sport Where The Players Wear Bathrobes

I never knew this!

So, before every Olympic Games, each country will usually host a media event where it debuts all the official uniforms its athletes will wear.

We see tracksuits and swimwear and athletic gear...

But you know what's never showcased?


Yes, before every water polo match, players don bathrobes in their national colors and line up along the pool edge to sing their anthems.

The whole look is, well, really dorky.

When swimmers come out to the pool before their races, they get to wear cool tracksuits.

But apparently it's an Olympic tradition to make water polo players greet the crowds dressed like your Great Aunt Mildred.

Oh, and they all wear flip-flops, too. Just to complete the look.

Some even choose to stay warm on the sidelines by rocking their robes.

Maybe they're going for a Hugh Hefner–esque look?

OK, maybe I can get behind this...

Water Polo is pretty cool because you get to show up to work in your robe 😂 (via @USAWP)

Water polo!

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