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Trump Supporters Keep Accidentally Tweeting At This Poor Magazine

In the so-called "year of the anti-establishment candidate," this poor magazine is feeling the heat.

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On Tuesday, Jessica Sutherland, marketing director for The Establishment, finally decided to reply to one Trump supporter who had been berating @ESTBLSHMNT on a near-daily basis.

The resulting exchange belongs in the Twitter hall of fame.

"That particular account has been tweeting at us for months...since January, I believe," Sutherland told BuzzFeed News. "Almost every day, I draft a tweet to her, and then opt not to send it. On Tuesday, though, I didn't. Not sure why."

The exchange soon went viral, with Twitter even curating a "moment" around the woman's mistake. (The company later deleted the moment because of criticism that it unfairly targeted one user and resulted in her receiving abuse.)

Sutherland and The Establishment crew say their Twitter handle is both a blessing and a curse — but they're sticking with their name.

"By providing a platform for marginalized voices, we're redefining what the term means every day, in the hopes of building a new (and better) Establishment," she said.

It's so fun launching a company named The Establishment during this election cycle.

David Mack is a reporter and weekend editor for BuzzFeed News in New York.

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