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A Teen Punched The Spanish Prime Minister Right In The Face

The pain in Spain falls mainly on minister.

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During a campaign stop in the northwest city of Pontevedra Wednesday evening, this happened...

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According to Spanish newspaper El Païs, the teen was arrested after he broke Rajoy's glasses with the punch.

A witness told the newspaper the teen approached the leader and put his hand on Rajoy's shoulder, seemingly to take a photo, when he suddenly decked him.

The prime minister's security detail quickly subdued the teen, although he reportedly landed a blow on one of them too.

"I'm very happy I did it," the teen reportedly told police.

Naturally, someone has already edited the clip to add some wrestling commentary.

After the beat-down, Rajoy had a visible red mark on his face and neck.

Spanish president Rajoy punched in the face by a teenager while on the campaign trail. General election on sunday

"Heartfelt thanks for the displays of affection and solidarity I've received this afternoon," Rajoy later wrote on Twitter. "Let's keep working."

Agradezco de corazón las muestras de afecto y solidaridad que me estáis haciendo llegar esta tarde. Sigamos trabajando. MR

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