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The Inevitable Lego Version Of The New "Star Wars" Trailer Is Here And It's Spectacular

Break the internet, then reassemble it with Lego pieces.

As everybody who used the internet yesterday knows, the first teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has dropped.

There has long been an online community of Star Wars fans who give their spare time over to recreating scenes, even entire films, in Lego.

Thankfully, these wizards of movie magic were quick to turn their attention to The Force Awakens.

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Time for a shot-for-shot comparison in order to truly appreciate the majestic Lego special effects.

Here's this guy scaring the pants off you by popping out of nowhere:

And here he is again, but in Lego form. Hard to tell the difference, I know.

Here is what looks like R2-D2's rotund cousin:

And a perfect simulation:


Or... wait, are these the real Stormtroopers?

Here's this lady making a getaway:

And here she is again. So lifelike.

This is a scene from a movie that is costing hundreds of millions of dollars:

This is basically the same thing but done for a fraction of the price:

Here is this nefarious character:

And here he is again, perhaps even more scary now that he is rendered in Lego:

And look:

It's uncanny:

Just 12 more months. Just 12 more months. Just 12 more months.