These People Had Touching Reactions When Confronted With Homophobia

    All of the feels.

    Spain's State Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Transexuals, and Bisexuals has shared this touching video, showing what happened when an American gay couple asked strangers in Madrid for help in translating a very homophobic letter from their hotel owner.

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    What started out as a friendly encounter between the Americans and the locals...

    Quickly turned serious when the Spaniards kept reading the hateful letter.

    The fake letter was said to be from a hotel owner who had accepted the pair's reservation on the condition that they wouldn't be intimate in the hostel.

    "If I see you touch one another, kiss each other, or do any pussy stuff around me in the hostel I will fucking punch your face," the letter read.

    This guy in particular seemed to really struggle to read out the hateful words. 💔

    Many of the people told them to report the letter to the police...

    And told them they couldn't believe how hurtful the letter was.

    "Discrimination is not a joke," the video tells us

    "In Spain, 38% of LGBT people have felt discriminated against or persecuted."

    "But only 10% of people have reported it."