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This Muslim Guy Mocked Soccer Hooligans And Made A Great Point About The Media

"If more Englishmen do not come out & unequivocally condemn this violence, people will think those drunk extremists represent all of us."

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"The whole thread is a tongue-in-cheek imitation of how many Western analysts and journalists cover conflict in the Middle East," he told BuzzFeed News.

Earlier this month, in a piece for CNN, al-Khoei criticized media for what he said was coverage of Iraq that focused too heavily on sectarian divisions.

"It is not surprising that much of the regional media portray the events in Fallujah as part of a broader sectarian war, especially when this serves the political agendas of governments that control these outlets," he wrote. "However, Western media coverage should be much more nuanced and sophisticated and not play into ISIS' hands who desperately want to make this a black-and-white sectarian war."


Read the full thread starting here:

As an England fan who speaks on behalf of all England & the English, I'd like to apologise for the senseless violence in France #NotInMyName

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