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A Woman Was Blasted To Her Death When She Stood Behind A Passenger Jet

The incident happened at a popular tourist spot in the Caribbean.

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"Several persons were holding on to the airport fence during the take off of a large jet aircraft," police said in a statement on Thursday. "During the take off this aircraft a 57-year-old female tourist from New Zealand was blown away by the jet blast and was seriously injured."


It's believed the woman was blown backward into a concrete barrier at the edge of the beach.

The woman was taken to a local hospital but died from her injuries.

Police said local officials have taken "all necessary measures" to warn visitors how dangerous the practice can be.

"The local authorities are urging the general public and mainly visitors to the island to adhere to the warning signs that are placed at that location to avoid serious injuries which can ultimately lead to the loss of life," police said.

David Mack is a reporter and weekend editor for BuzzFeed News in New York.

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