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    That Woman's Crazy Death In "Jurassic World" Shocked Sam Neil

    "Boy, what did the English girl do wrong? She got eaten by like three dinosaurs at once."

    If you're like a lot of people, you probably saw Jurassic World last year...

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    If you're really like a lot of people, you're also probably still traumatized from the horrifically violent way that one character was killed off. Come on, you know the character...

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    POOR ZARA!! She was Claire's assistant and she has not been forgotten.

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    Let's look back on just what a gruesome fate she met. First, she was picked up by one of the escaped Pterodactyls.

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    Then she was tossed between the beasts as they fought mid-air...

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    Next she was dropped into a giant tank enclosure from a great height...

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    Where Pterodactyls dive-bombed the water and again fought over her as she screamed for her life...

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    She was only finally put out of her agony when the giant Mosasaur leaped out of the tank to eat her — and the Pterodactyl — whole.

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    All our faces watching this scene looked like this.

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    Well, you were not alone. Sam Neill, star of the original Jurassic Park films, was also pretty stunned by the whole thing.

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    In an interview published Sunday with Uproxx, Neill discussed Zara's tragic death:

    Neill: Boy, what did the English girl do wrong? She got eaten by like three dinosaurs at once. Was she on the phone too much? She did something really wrong.

    Uproxx: Right. I have no idea. Why did she deserve that? I get why Wayne Knight met a bad fate in the first film…

    And you could see poor old Sam Jackson was going to get it, because he's a smoker. Smokers always die. And the lawyer.

    I didn't know that smokers always die.

    Smokers always die, yeah.

    But yeah, when I was watching Jurassic World, this poor woman. Yeah, she's on the phone a lot, but this seems like…

    It wasn't that big a crime.

    I thought she was a perfectly fine human being…

    Just ripped her to bits.

    Yeah, that's the one scene I didn't get. The high heels was a big controversy

    I'm fine with high heels. I like people being eaten. And if you're going to be eaten, you may as well do it spectacularly.

    That's a good point.

    Yeah. Just pull her into the pool and she gets eaten underwater? No.

    No, she gets three different dinosaurs coming at her.

    Let's shock the entire crowd.

    In summary, never use your phone in a movie unless you are prepared to meet a HORRIBLE END.

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