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Ryan Gosling Shut Down The Guy Who Started That Whole Cereal Meme

"I actually love cereal."

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YouTuber Ryan McHenry started a glorious meme wherein he films himself trying to feed cereal to on-screen Gosling.

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On Saturday, Gosling hosted a Q&A session on Twitter to promote his new movie. This was one of the first questions:

What’s one thing fans don’t know about @RyanGosling? #AskRyan


Seizing the chance, Gosling decided to clear this whole mess up.

I actually love cereal

Look who should chime in, but the serial cereal-falsehood-spreader himself.

@RyanGosling @iTunesMovies AHAHAHAHA! I'm so sorry for making that meme. Will you forgive me? #AskRyan #LostRiver

Gosling was having none of it.

BuzzFeed News asked McHenry whether he regrets spreading this cereal madness.

@davidmackau Hahaha I regret nothing! I may have spoiled my chances of being BFFs with Ryan Gosling but I really enjoyed making the series 😀


Side note: One woman asked the question that we all wanted to.

My husband's on a late shift tonight, would you mind popping round & making sweet sweet love to me? #AskRyan

His response?

Go see #LostRiver with your husband, make sweet sweet love to him after, tweet me in the morning. You're welcome.