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    Ryan Gosling Shut Down The Guy Who Started That Whole Cereal Meme

    "I actually love cereal."

    If you've used the internet lately, you might have developed the impression that Ryan Gosling doesn't like to eat his cereal.

    YouTuber Ryan McHenry started a glorious meme wherein he films himself trying to feed cereal to on-screen Gosling.

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    Gosling either looks really sad about the whole thing or tries to bat away the cereal. Pretty simple. Pretty hilarious.

    On Saturday, Gosling hosted a Q&A session on Twitter to promote his new movie. This was one of the first questions:

    What’s one thing fans don’t know about @RyanGosling? #AskRyan

    Seizing the chance, Gosling decided to clear this whole mess up.

    I actually love cereal

    Look who should chime in, but the serial cereal-falsehood-spreader himself.

    @RyanGosling @iTunesMovies AHAHAHAHA! I'm so sorry for making that meme. Will you forgive me? #AskRyan #LostRiver

    Gosling was having none of it.

    BuzzFeed News asked McHenry whether he regrets spreading this cereal madness.

    @davidmackau Hahaha I regret nothing! I may have spoiled my chances of being BFFs with Ryan Gosling but I really enjoyed making the series 😀

    Enjoy your cereal, Ryan! Don't listen to the haters!

    Side note: One woman asked the question that we all wanted to.

    My husband's on a late shift tonight, would you mind popping round & making sweet sweet love to me? #AskRyan

    His response?

    Go see #LostRiver with your husband, make sweet sweet love to him after, tweet me in the morning. You're welcome.