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11 Bits Of News That If You Told A Person In The '90s About It Would Blow Their Minds

So, about that famous football player from the Naked Gun movies.

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It's true! O.J. Simpson went to jail for nine years. He was imprisoned for robbery and definitely not for murdering two people.

Cuba Gooding Jr. recently played him on TV. He's a big actor in your time, right?

What in Dr. Ben Carson's storied background made him a suitable pick to serve as HUD Secretary, you ask?

Cuba Gooding Jr. also played him one time. But I feel like these repeated references to Cuba Gooding Jr. may be misleading you about the overall success of his career.


I can't even say anything about this one. You should probably just read the story.

Oh, yeah, also, he's a senator now.


But, lol, he still hasn't finished the novels.


It's this whole thing. Basically Russia got mad powerful again, and now they try to influence our elections using hacking, trolls, and alt-right memes of frogs, which are all things that will make sense to you one day, and then you'll wish they didn't.

Yes, Disney keeps remaking its own cartoons as live-action movies. We've had Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and the Jungle Book so far. We're getting Mulan, The Little Mermaid, and The Lion King soon. You guys had that 101 Dalmatians film with Glenn Close though!


Oh, and maybe he's gonna run for president? Because that's a thing that can happen now.

Some people in the White House — the freaking White House — reportedly want him to run. And no, he's never cut that hair.


Good luck! Enjoy your life!

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