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This Humans Of New York Photo Has The Best Comment Section On The Internet

Never read the comments? Not this time.

By now everyone in the world has had a Humans of New York photo pop up in their Facebook News Feed.


Photographer Brandon Stanton travels around New York taking photos of interesting people and sharing their stories with the internet so that we can all comment how inspiring/beautiful/moving it all is.


On Saturday, Stanton shared the story of a young girl who happened to be called Beyoncé.


"Sometimes I hate my name because it always draws attention to me, and I'm not a very social person. My family moved this year from Pennsylvania. I was so scared the first day of school that someone would notice me. I wouldn't even adjust my seat because I thought it would make a noise. One time I really had to cough, but I held it in. When the teacher started calling attendance, I got really nervous, because every time people learn my name is Beyoncé, somebody starts singing 'Single Ladies.' And some did, of course. But the second day of school wasn't too bad. Because everyone knew my name."

You know how people always say never read the comments? Yeah, let's forget that this time and dive right into the best comment thread the web has ever seen.

First of all, there's this woman who has always felt like she was in Beyoncé's shadow.

There's this woman who isn't living a teenage dream.

This Proud Mary.

This woman whose hips are very honest.

This woman who used to have a little, but now has a lot.

This woman who can't hit a backhand to save her life.

This woman who is also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.

This woman who was very big in the '90s.

This woman who never smiles in photos.

This dude who is West Philadelphia born and raised.

This woman who is taller than her ex.

This only child.

This woman, whom we like very much, just the way she is.

This woman who was on a break.

This woman who doesn't know for sure what her dad does for a living.

This little rascal.

This guy who had a tough time in high school gym class.

This woman whose marriage was not an epic fail.

This woman who believes the universe is trying to tell her something.

This guy who really prefers ketchup, to be honest.

This woman who has owned many things in her time.

This guy who is really quite nice once you get to know him.

This guy who thinks all these people talking about having unusual names is quite sweet really.

And this girl. Poor, poor this girl.

H/T I Suplexed Plies

The final person featured in this post is a woman, not a man. An earlier version of this story incorrectly referred to her as "this guy."