MoviePass May Go Out Of Business But People Are Sharing The Best Memes

    Laughing to keep from crying.

    MoviePass is having a rough time of late. Under its (confusing) business model, MoviePass users only pay a monthly $10 subscription to see films, but the company still has to pay theaters the full price of a ticket.

    Things are...not going well. The company is hemorrhaging cash and has been plagued by technical issues, so it's been forced to up its prices and limit the kinds of films people can see.

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    Anyone else's MoviePass app acting up?

    I relate to Moviepass in that I am a disappointment that is hemorrhaging money.

    [checks in at MoviePass headquarters]

    Me going to see another movie with my MoviePass even though they're losing millions of dollars and probably won't exist by the end of the year

    me trying to see as many movies as i can before moviepass dies

    Live look-in at the Movie Pass stock

    a live look at the moviepass offices