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    Heroic Monkey Saves Dying Monkey Friend With Monkey CPR

    Monkey business the world needs to hear about right now.

    The monkey world is currently going bananas over a heroic primate who saved the life of a friend after they were electrocuted at a train station in India.

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    The valiant monkey business went down at Kanpur Central railway station, after the monkey fell off wires hanging over the tracks.

    Springing to the aid of the suddenly unresponsive friend, the monkey performed its own version of CPR by biting the neck.

    He lifted his friend up and pecked at his eyes. The primate paramedic no doubt screamed in monkey, "COME BACK TO ME, GEORGE! DON'T GO TOWARD THE LIGHT, GODDAMMIT!"

    With still no response, the quick-thinking, hirsute health care professional splashed his friend in a pool of water. "I CAN'T LOSE ANOTHER PATIENT! I WON'T," he could be overheard yelling in our imaginations.

    Eventually, the heroic act was successful and the monkey began showing signs of life. With impeccable bedside manner, the monkey doctor soothed his friend with a back rub.

    And a hug! Monkey friends forever.

    H/T: The Guardian