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Melania Trump Gave A Speech Against Online Bullying And People Were Like, "Sorry, What?"

"Wow really? Gonna go with the online bullying a few days after hubby retweets meme of HRC getting hit with golfballs?"

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"As adults, we are not merely responsible, we are accountable," she said, urging grown-ups to live by the "golden rule" of "[doing] unto others as you would have them do unto you."

She said her generation has a "moral imperative" to take responsibility for what children learn.

Melania Trump had said before the election she would work to combat cyberbullying if her husband were elected president, and Wednesday's speech touched on that issue.


"We must turn our focus right now to the message they are exposed to on a daily basis through social media, the bullying, the experience online and in person," she said.

After saying adults must remember that children are watching and listening, Melania Trump urges people to focus on…

Reacting on Twitter to the first lady's speech, some users couldn't quite believe what they were hearing.


@NBCNews Hahahahahahhahaha. Funniest shit I've ever heard in my life.

They called it ironic...


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