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This Is The Little Girl Whose Pope Halloween Costume Made Obama Lose It

A lot of work went into making the Halloween costume that made the commander-in-chief crack up.

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Rosalia's parents, Brian and Laura, told BuzzFeed News they were touched the president found their daughter's garb so cute, and have been overwhelmed by the viral fame her costume has achieved.

"I've been joking with people that it's good she's had her 15 minutes of fame early, before it might ruin her," Laura said.

Brian came up with the costume idea, inspired by the pope's recent visit to Washington, D.C.

The couple said the costume took about three weeks to put together, from buying a push buggy on Craigslist, to her grandma making the papal robes, to acquiring little details like the Vatican City flags that adorned the mini-popemobile.

The couple even practiced wheeling her around the house in the popemobile wearing the special hat, known as a mitre, so she would be "comfortable for the big reveal."


"I was keeping my eye on Baby Pope to make sure that she didn’t spit-up on her vestments, hurl her mitre to the ground, or get freaked out by the fairly elaborate decorations at the White House," Brian said. "It was touch-and-go."


"I was on photo duty that day, which turned out to be completely unnecessary," Laura said of the huge media response. She said the president's "genuine delight" and the "irresistible image of a baby in a costume" are what have captivated people.

"Rosalia makes us smile and laugh every day," Brian said. "The fact that she could provide a moment of levity for the two people who, when you think about, have the most stressful jobs in the world is a great thing."

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