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A Teenager And A Porn Star With The Same Name Confused Twitter

What a big cock up.

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This is Kieran Lee.

@Amyconnolly__ happy birthday Amy, have a gid yin :)

He's a teenager who lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, and likes playing ice hockey.

@Luke_Gibson99 happy birthday San, hope you had good one X

He's a 32-year-old English porn star.

Instagram: @keiranlee123

And he has more than 150,000 followers on Twitter, where he often posts pictures of his butt.

So @GregLansky im ready for @tushy 😜


As Kieran's bemused initial tweet spread across the internet, even Keiran (the porn star, remember?) was proud.

@falken1974 @KieranLee @verified - ha ha lucky fella

But the two guys were also a little bit confused.

@KieranLee @verified - Will the real Keiran Lee please stand up lol


"We knew he had the same name as a porn star, but we never knew he'd be mistaken for him," Kieran's friend Jordan Kevan, 16, told BuzzFeed News.

Instagram: @keiranlee123

Twitter did not return a request for comment from BuzzFeed News on how the mix-up occurred, but the mistake was eventually rectified and Kieran's blue tick disappeared.

Aw unverified again, fame was good whilst it lasted

There's no justice in this world.