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This Guy Made Terrifyingly Realistic Masks Of Hillary, Bernie, And Trump


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He's most famous for masks of babies' faces, but has also produced scary replicas of Charlie Sheen, Peter Dinklage, and Walter White (Bryan Cranston) from Breaking Bad, among others.


"I try to pick characters, people who'll be fun to run around scaring people with," Meier told BuzzFeed News. "I try to pick topical stuff and right now, with the political atmosphere, everyone is so polarized and angry. So I thought it would be fun to lampoon each one of them."

Meier enlisted the help of his girlfriend, Ashley Teasdale, and wrestler friend Bo Cooper to play Bernie and Trump, while he suited up as Hillary.


These clearly aren't your average Halloween masks. Each piece requires weeks, sometimes months, of sculpting, silicone casting, and intricate paint and hair work. "It's a fine art product. It's wearable art," Meier said.

With that in mind, try not to be too stunned when we tell you each mask costs roughly $4,500. "That figure usually scares the shit out of most people," Meier said, "but for people who have disposable income and appreciate good art, it's OK."

Monsterpalooza fans were certainly obsessed. "I literally couldn't walk around because everyone was stopping to take a photo," Meier said. "There was nobody who just walked by. Everyone was just dumbfounded."

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