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    Just Another Day In Australia As A Kangaroo Knocks Over A Cyclist

    Hop on your bike.

    Kangaroos are fairly common in Australia, so much so that roadsigns dot the country warning drivers to keep a lookout.

    bluedeviation / Via Flickr: 27117322@N03

    But what about cyclists? A woman in Canberra has captured the moment a kangaroo sprung out from nowhere, colliding with her bike on one of the Aussie capital's main roads.

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    The roo jumped out as Bronwyn Calver was riding with her GoPro near Australia's Parliament House on Monday night.

    "I escaped relatively unscathed with no broken bones but a severely grazed and bruised elbow, grazed hip and eight stitches in my knee," Calver wrote on YouTube.

    Unfortunately, the Kangaroo wasn't so lucky.

    "While the roo did hop away, it jumped over the railing on Adelaide Ave down to State Circle where it was subsequently hit by a car and killed," Calver wrote.

    R.I.P., little bud.

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