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    Family Dog Survives Seven Months Lost In The Australian Outback

    Like Homeward Bound, but with more deadly snakes.

    A 5-year-old springer spaniel is now back with his family in Western Australia, after surviving some seven months lost in the Outback.

    Connor went missing from the Thomson family's holiday farm in June last year in Moodiarrup, about 155 miles south of Perth.

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    "It was horrendous," owner Sally Thomson told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

    "We'd have sightings of Connor in the area so we'd camp out overnight to try and find him."

    The family never gave up hope that Connor would return, with Thomson telling her boys to look for the dog during their regular trips to their farm.

    "We never gave up hope," she told the West Australian newspaper. "Every time we'd go to the farm we'd say to the boys, 'Keep an eye out for Connor, he could have traveled.'"

    But some 210 days later, after enduring many freezing winter nights and searingly hot summer days, a thinner and scruffier Connor turned up on a farm on Saturday more than 20 miles from where the family last saw him.

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    The pup had successfully avoided all the deadly animals in the Aussie Outback, as well as traps set for feral dogs.

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    "Tears were flowing," Thomson told the ABC of the reunion. "His body is a bit worse for wear, a little bit scrawny, he needs a good feed, his feet are a bit sore, but he's in good spirits. He certainly knows his family."

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    Thomson says her sons are thrilled to have the beloved dog back home. "It's just an amazing feeling," she told the West Australian. "You couldn't put a price on the smiles on their faces."

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