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These NBA Slam Dunks Will Blow Your Mind

What is gravity really anyway?

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There was some pretty incredible showmanship on hand, including this amazing two-hander from Andre Drummond and Steve Nash (who is, apparently, secretly a badass soccer player).

Name that Dunk! What would you call #AndreDrummond's assisted dunk from Steve Nash? Use #VerizonDunk


Let's start with Gordon, though, and this stunning leap that saw him swoop the ball behind his head, into his knees, and then back into the hoop. 👌👌👌

But his most INCREDIBLE dunk? When he leapt over the Stuff The Magic Dragon mascot as it was riding a hoverboard.

Let's just take that in again in slow motion.

He may not have won, but Aaron Gordon definitely had the #PlayOfTheNight with this NASTY slam! Powered by @JBLAudio


Sure, that was amazing, but have you ever seen Zach LaVine soar through the air like a mother fucking eagle?!

Check out this incredible computer-assisted shot of LaVine slammin' like a pro.

FreeD experience of back-to-back Zach's monster SLAM compliments of @Intel at #VerizonDunk!

Finally, when he was almost all out of dunks, he remembered there was one he had left — but he'd never really properly tried it before. OH, WHAT THE HELL. HERE GOES NOTHING.

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