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Ted Cruz Got Played Off The Stage At A Religious Conference And The Footage Is Everything

This is more brutal than when the orchestra plays at the Oscars.

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Case in point: This footage of Ted Cruz being played off the stage as he spoke to religious conservatives at a DC hotel.

Sen. @TedCruz is cut off in the middle of his remarks at the @FaithandFreedom Coalition Conference. Full video here…


People think this is a gift to humanity.

@davidmackau @anamariecox There are good things. There are great things. Then there is this thing, soaring above us…

And they are HERE for Galloway's ruthlessness.


But one key thing we need to acknowledge: her entrance music is 🔥🔥🔥.

@cspan The music sounds like a mix between 90s porn and the Montel Williams show intro

@davidmackau Also worth noting the 1991 education video soundtrack for entrance music.

So who do we have to thank for all this?

@cspan @tedcruz @FaithandFreedom Divine intervention.

Well, no. The coalition told BuzzFeed News this was all a technician's fault:

"Senator Cruz had not completed his remarks when a member of the audio-visual team mistakenly announced the next speaker. We sincerely apologize to Senator Cruz who is a great friend of this organization and people of faith across the country."

(Still, here's that entrance one last time)

this is honestly the most savage thing i've seen all day — and i just watched the former fbi director call the pres…

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