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Elaine Benes Asked Bernie Sanders A Question On SNL And It Was Peak New York

Yada Yada Yada 2016.

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Continuing its run of nailing the 2016 primary season, the cold open of this week's Saturday Night Live saw Kate McKinnon and Larry David return to poke fun at Thursday's Democratic debate in Brooklyn.

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But the sketch's centerpiece came when host Julia Louis-Dreyfus resurrected Elaine Benes, the character she played on Seinfeld, for a question from the audience.

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With David also serving as an executive producer on the long-running sitcom, it was also a mini Seinfeld reunion!

When David's Sanders couldn't quite go into detail on his plans to break up the big banks, he relied on a term made famous by the show: "Yada yada yada."

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Benes was not impressed, even though she has a habit of yada-yada-yadaing over the best bits herself.

The whole bit was basically just an excuse for everyone to go back and watch the original scene on YouTube, so we dug it up for you.

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