These People Have Already Broken Their Christmas Drones

Welp. They were fun while they lasted.

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For many people, though, the fun did not last long.

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Christmas Day was the one and only day they got to enjoy their new gift.

Pretty sure I just broke my drone. It's only been one day

Online, there was a lot of Schadenfreude (joy in the pain of others) to be found.

my dad broke his new $500 drone already 😂

My brother got a drone, ran it into the wall and broke it. Then, he got a hover board, got on it and it broke 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

My brother got a drone for Christmas and it flew up hit the ceiling and broke within seconds. Best Christmas ever

A lot of of people reported having drones stuck in their hair.

Instagram: @kellysillbalazs

Seriously, these things should come with warnings for people with long hair.

Instagram: @lexi_blevins

This woman tried to save a drone from crashing and her hair proved the biggest casualty.

Instagram: @pqjq2

This poor dude even had to sacrifice his hair to the scissors after tangling with a drone.

Instagram: @wiillphoto

The worst thing, though, was when new drone presents got caught in trees during their maiden voyage.

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Merry Christmas to all who spent the day repairing their beloved new toys.

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