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Something Is Wrong With This Photo Of The Royal Family

The case of the princess's floating head.

On Friday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Wills and Kate) released a new photo of their gorgeous family just in time for Christmas. As per usual, they all looked absolutely perfect.

Wait a minute. Let's zoom in here.

Closer still...

What on earth is happening here with Princess Charlotte?!

It is a serious question.

Ok beautiful but serious question did they photoshop Charlotte's smiling face onto her body bc I'm thinking yes

We're not the only ones to notice something is afoot. Why is her head so clear and the area around it so blurry?

Looks like Princess Charlotte was not playing ball with the Christmas card, definitely some photoshop going on

No, you're not alone.

Yassss (Has Princess Charlotte been photoshopped in or is it just me who thinks that?!)

It's not just you.

Is it me or does Princess Charlotte look like she's been photoshopped into that family portrait?????

To be very clear, no one is saying the little princess is not absolutely adorable — as has been proven in the past...

It's just that (as anyone with little kids knows) it's likely the little princess wasn't cooperating at just the right time.

A Buckingham Palace spokesperson told BuzzFeed News the royal family had no comment on the photo, but the spokesperson did laugh out loud when we posed this very serious question.

I don't know, you guys. Seems photoshopped to me.

But, hey, perfection isn't easy.