The “Broad City” Season 3 Trailer Is Here And It’s Funny AF


1. The girls from Broad City have graced us with the trailer for Season 3, and it looks like Abbi and Ilana will be up to their craziest antics yet.

2. From the opening scene of the trailer, we know nothing has changed for the BFFs, who casually discuss the benefits of a gynecologist/bikini waxer being a “one-stop pussy shop” — oblivious to the person behind them who needs urgent medical attention.

Comedy Central

3. It appears Abbi is also beginning to fulfill her dream of being a fitness instructor — although she’s starting out with some questionable water aerobics moves.

Comedy Central

4. Ilana, meanwhile, is continuing to upset her boss by wearing inappropriate work attire — this time a hoodie designed for a dog.

Comedy Central

5. She’s also still saying what we’re all feeling.

Comedy Central

6. Ilana’s mom (Susie Essman) is also back and doling out some sage advice.

7. The good news? We only have to wait until Feb. 17 for the new episodes to start up again on Comedy Central!

Comedy Central

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