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Australian Police Made A Wanted Poster For Nickelback For "Crimes Against Music"

Look at this photograph. Have you seen these men?

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Because not everyone is glad to see them...

In an epic troll, police in the state of Queensland warned people near Brisbane's Entertainment Centre to be on the lookout for men "who are believed to be impersonating musicians."


Nickelback fans were not happy.

Facebook: QueenslandPolice

(BuzzFeed has disguised their identities for fear of outing them as Nickelback fans)


And it's not even the first time Queensland police have trolled Nickelback.

Suspicious package received as part of @QPSmedia secret santa. It will now be destroyed #BlameCanada #JokesOnUs

In fact, they don't seem to be fans of Canadian musicians at all.

They gave us Celine, Nickelback & Bieber but we’ll still help with their PM's #G20 motorcade #nohardfeelings