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Angry Nudists At A Beach Chased Down A Man With A Hidden Camera

What happens on a nudist beach stays on a nudist beach. WARNING: Images of nudist butts ahoy.

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A group of angry naturists chased down a man on Maslin Beach, a nude beach in South Australia, after he was spotted concealing a hidden camera inside his cooler, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported Wednesday.

Coastline view at Maslin Beach, South Australia.
Getty Images/iStockphoto trappy76

Coastline view at Maslin Beach, South Australia.

The man, wearing only a hat, had reportedly been positioning his cooler, or "esky" as Australians call it, to face other unclad patrons on the popular nudist beach on Dec. 21.

The above bare bums were photographed at the beach in question, but willingly and NOT by the surreptitious snapper.

Two women noticed "a wooden contraption" through a hole in the cooler, which contained a video camera, according to the ABC.

Nudists then confronted the man, who packed up his things and walked further down the beach, only to position his cooler towards another naked couple.

A group of up to 10 irate nudists then chased the man down the beach, making a citizen's arrest until the police arrived.

Police examined the camera and found no images had been recorded, meaning there was insufficient evidence to press charges.

However, the man was cautioned and asked to leave the beach.

No footage of the nudist chase exits, but we like to think it looked something like this (NSFW):