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Is Tiger Smiling In Your State? [MAP]

Tiger Woods has earned well over $100million throughout his career. But how much of it has he earned in your state? Has he earned more in Florida or California? Kentucky or Washington? This map breaks down Tiger's earnings state by state... so you can wonder no more!

David McSweeney • One year ago

Here's How Your Camera Actually Works

Ever wondered what the inside of your camera looks like? Maybe not... but just in case... this diagram shows the inside of a modern digital camera.

David McSweeney • 2 years ago

Here's Where The US Gets Its Oil (Thanks Canada!)

The US imports a heck of a lot of oil. How much? Well, in 2015 we consumed an average of 19.4 million barrel per day and 9.4 million of those barrels came from outside the US. So where does it all come from? To answer the question, this animated map from Yegg Inc shows 20 years of US oil imports in just 20 seconds...

David McSweeney • 3 years ago

President Donald Trump: The First 30 Days

Love him or loathe him, Donald Trump is a man who is difficult to ignore, and with 'The Donald' continuing to be there of thereabouts in Republican presidential candidacy polls, I thought it would be fun to take a (hypothetical) look at what might happen in the first month of a Trump presidency. Tongue firmly in cheek, but all the same... America, you have been warned!

David McSweeney • 3 years ago

7 Reasons Why It's Cool That Summer Doesn't Exist In Scotland

So, while parts of the UK may be sweltering in heat waves, up here in Scotland we're having a typical July. Rain, rain, rain. Did I mention rain? But you know what, that's just fine with me! Here are 7 reason why...

David McSweeney • 4 years ago

7 Scary Movie Monsters Replaced By Kittens

So, a few months back I had a little too much time on my hands, or too much beer (or both, probably both), and I decided that it would be a good idea to photoshop out iconic movie monsters and replace them with kittens. I guess my logic was that everything is better with kittens - which beer fueled or not is correct right? Anyway, here are the fruits of my labor... can you guess the films?

David McSweeney • 4 years ago

Today I Learned Why You Should *always* Proof Read Business Cards.

What do you do when you order a load of business cards, and when they arrive you realise you've made a schoolboy error typo? You set them on fire of course!

David McSweeney • 4 years ago