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    • davidm114

      …and this isaperfect demonstration of why there will always be legions of imitators, none of whom can pull any of this off even remotely as well as Siouxsie herself. ButIlove the fact that the post is celebrating Siouxsie’s amazingness.  It’s also odd that the video featured here is for “Kiss Them For Me” — which is one of the few videos in which Siouxsie isn’t sporting her signature makeup. Interestingly,Ithink she abandoned the look in the late 80s-early 90s because so many “goths” copied it to the point of caricature. For Siouxsie, imitation isn’taform of flattery, just lack of creativity.  Here’samuch better example of the makeup, the attitude and the music of Siouxsie.

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