Here’s A Kurt Warner Bobblehead Traveling The Country

Kurt’s busy nowadays, with his new reality show and all (USA’s The Moment), but he took out some time out to travel our great nation.

1. Here’s Kurt at his home in Columbia, Missouri.

2. Here’s Kurt in Jeff City, MO. He’s in front of the State Capitol building, facing the Mighty Missouri River.

3. Here’s Kurt riding Amtrak. Gazing out at the Great Heartland.

4. Did you know you could bring booze on Amtrak? Kurt did.

5. Here’s Kurt waiting for a flight at 6am in Kansas City. He looks pretty tired.

6. Here’s Kurt flying over the Rockies.

7. Here’s Kurt in front of those Rockies in Bozeman, Montana.

8. Here’s Kurt making snow angels.

9. Here’s Kurt getting ready to hit the slopes.

10. Here’s Kurt driving up to the ski resort.

11. Here’s Kurt after tearing up some Montana powder.

12. Here’s Kurt with some post-ski brewskis.

13. Here’s Kurt staying warm.

14. Here’s Kurt at an airport cantina during a layover in Denver.

15. Here’s Kurt drinking tequila.

16. Here’s Kurt after a little too much tequila.

17. Here’s Kurt in St. Louis Airport waiting for his flight to Washington DC.

18. Here’s Kurt in front of the DOMA protesters in DC. His face shows no strong opinion either way.

19. Here’s Kurt in front of our great nation’s capitol.

20. Here’s Kurt with a fellow Rams Fan/Holocaust Museum worker.

21. Here’s Kurt on the way home from the airport in St. Louis after a long trip.

22. Here’s Kurt at home, relaxing, watching March Madness.

23. Here’s Kurt enjoying Easter.

24. And finally here’s Kurt, back at home on his TV stand in Columbia, Missouri.

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