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4 reasons why your music not getting popular on social media?

If you're reading this post, it means you probably have a bad time of promoting yourself on social media and you probably looking for reason. Well, the honest truth is you probably making bad music. (Yes, you should always blame yourself first.) But besides than that, you can blame social media.

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You are competing with large music consortiums


One of the major problem within social media is that the stronger is more likely to grow stronger. What that means is that the more likes and shares you gained, the more attention you may become and thus, the more famous you will be. Within this rule, it seems a fair competition which everyone got the same chance to gain their credit. However, what if your competitor is a trillion music company which easily got million likes and shares just by posting one song from their famous artist. In this case, you have no way to survive through the trends of the mainstream.

2.‘Fake fans’

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Many musicians believed that the more friends they got, the more successful they are. In some extent this might be true since friends means more awareness. However, do you really know who they are and how they contribute to your music career? If you only intent to share your music for fun, then everything is fine, but if you want to take it serious and treat it as a marketing, then its matter for you. One of the biggest illusion is you treat your friends as your fans which they actually not. In fact, those friends usually are musicians similar as you who wants to get more friends.

3.File sharing? Or STEALING?

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Image you spent year working on your new album and you finally got it here for sell. But then some random guy just decided to upload the whole album on social media and all the sudden, everyone got a copy. Well, you have to understand this is a normal phenomenon happens all the time and most people don’t care about it. In this case, the fluidity of social media is a double-edged sword which can sometimes causes you trouble.

4. Mainstream or NO LIFE

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Compare to the past, more and more elder people using social media today. Nevertheless, the proportion still small compare to the younger generation. This mean if you are a neo-classical composer and you want to promote yourself through social media, you probably going to have a hard time. Don’t get me wrong! I am not saying young people don’t like neo-classical music, but they are just not the mainstream in social media.

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