"You Will Know Queer Obama By His Fruits"

Lest you think Florida has all the nuts in the country, I give you this RV parked outside a drivers' license office in Salem, Oregon. I think he might have more trouble pulling off this look in Oregon.

Dave Leas • 6 years ago

Millennium Falcon Potato Chip

Redditor tanasarnt says: "I'm sitting in my cube at work snacking on a bag of Kettle Brand Buffalo Bleu potato chips. I'm about to bring one to my mouth but stopped cold ... as if some outside force (forgive me) was blocking me."

Dreidel Hustler • 6 years ago

Jessica Rabbit As A Slave Leia

Inspired by a discussion by Deadspin's Drew Magary about cosplay, as it pertains to the San Diego Comic-Con. Click through for more context, but this picture ought to help some of you on a budget. (Oh, and see also.)

Dave Leas • 6 years ago