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The Best Montages from Nightmares Fear Factory

Silly reactions means silly photoshops. Some dudes at NeoGaf forum made some hilarious montages with some photos from Nightmares Fear Factory. You can see more here:

davidf20 8 years ago

Falling Like A Boss

It's not a fail if you can make it look this good.

davidf20 8 years ago

The Wilhelm Scream

The Wilhelm scream is a popular film and television stock sound effect. Its in every movie! Well... Sort of.

davidf20 8 years ago

The Demo Knight

Team Fortess 2 and Dark Knight crossover?

davidf20 8 years ago

Modern Warfare Live-Action

After some speculation and rumors about another Call Of Duty game, some dedicated fans gave us their vision of what a Live Action of Modern Warfare could be.

davidf20 8 years ago

Twisted Disney Princesses

Artist Jeffrey Thomas has created a “Twisted Princess” series, taking some of Disney finest characters and giving them a turn for the macabre.

davidf20 9 years ago

Facebook is Fascist

You thought fascism was dead? WRONG. Facebook is brainwashing us...and we don't even notice it

Pisoes 9 years ago