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The Top 8 Episodes Of Shane And Dave

Must watch episodes for the greatest web series of all time. Not totally safe for work unless you work somewhere cool.

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Episode 1 - Count Dickula

Some people say watch it because it's the first episode. We say watch it because of the elaborate penis puppet set that was constructed for Shane's would-be web series "Count Dickula"

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Episode 2 - Stroller Derby

With the creation of Stroller Derby Shane and Dave not only entertained us, they offered us a new sport. I can't think of a larger cultural contribution from a comedy series since Festivus.

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Episode 3 - Krista's Husband

Shane and Dave make their first dip into plot by following Krista, Dave's ex-girlfriend in an attempt to win her back. They get some serious eye candy in Vince Oddo who has his own fan blog and also sings like a GD angel

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Episode 4 - The Dougs

Not only does this episode feature Molly Thomas, creator of the hilarious blog My Precious Roommate but it also took 16 hours to semi successfully rotoscope her so it looks like she's falling off of a building.

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Episode 5 - Derrick

Shane and Dave gave us the most compelling secret agent since James Bond: Derrick. Part gentleman, part killer, total stud. and you get to see some great abs and some boys kiss.

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Episode 6 - Boundaries

It was only a matter of time before nudity was brought into the show.

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Episode 7 - Shane's Son

An important episode as Shane and Dave attempts to explore deeper themes, extend into a longer format, elevate the overall production levels.

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Not to mention they made the best nightclub promo ever for their fake nightclub, club slush.

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Episode 8 - Dave Donates

If you've made it this far you will see this was just a trick to get you to watch the whole series. But that's a good thing! Because this series is great and because now you're here at episode 8, the most polished and refined production of Shane and Dave to date. Exploring Dave's fears and deeper psychosis, while holding a mirror to societies own personal mores and emotional issues with sexuality.

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