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14 Bikeable Cities In The US You Need To Visit

What better way to truly explore a city than on a bike?

Note: The coronavirus pandemic is still impacting travel, and destinations around the world have different COVID-19 restrictions in place. It’s important to check and adhere to local government policies if you’re planning any trips.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle offers you the best of both worlds. Not only is metropolitan downtown extremely bike-friendly, but you can also venture out of the city for these postcard-worthy views!

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Cambridge's tight city makes everything close in proximity, and its fall seasons are magical. Imagine riding your bike through a soft pillow of orange leaves — too dreamy!

Boulder, Colorado

Boulder is the place to go for our nature lovers! Riding alongside these breathtaking mountains will surely have you pausing throughout your ride to soak in the amazing landscapes.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco has been restructuring its city over the past years to accommodate cyclists. While they're still investing in bike lanes throughout, a ride along Fisherman's Wharf is a wonderful introduction to the bay. Just be careful with the massive hills spread out through the city!

Fort Collins, Colorado

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Fort Collins isn't the most populated city on this list, but its infrastructure for cyclists is well beyond its time. With overpasses specifically dedicated for bike riders, Fort Collins has built a community of bicycle commuters while still offering mountain biking for the more adventurous cyclist.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago offers a wide range of bike lanes and must-see restaurants and attractions. A ride along the city in the summertime is a thrilling way to work off that deep-dish pizza!

Madison, Wisconsin

Madison's off-street bicycle paths, on-street bicycle paths, safety zones at intersections, and ample bike parking areas surely make it a bike-friendly city for any biker aficionado.

Austin, Texas

Austin's culture is super vibrant. Bike along the city's many attractions, and reward yourself with some tasty, mouthwatering Austin food afterward!

Arlington, Virginia

Arlington has a lively community of bike riders. Whether you're taking a tour on your bike or riding for recreation, you're bound to come across a fellow biker willing to direct you to the city's hidden gems.

Long Beach, California

Long Beach provides the perfect scenery to disconnect from emails, enjoy the beach, and relax with a peaceful bike ride along the coast.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole is an outdoor paradise, filled with picturesque trails and spectacular views. Explore the city on foot, or hop on a bike and truly get lost in nature.

Washington, DC

Washington, DC gives you the opportunity to really submerge in history. Check out its numerous monuments, museums, and historic landmarks all from the seat of your bike!

Eugene, Oregon

Eugene gives you that getaway vibe you've been craving. With its serene parks and city infrastructure dedicated for riders, all you need is a bike!

New York City, New York

We know what you're thinking: Is biking in NYC really that safe? There are certainly pockets in NYC that aren't ideal for bike riders, but head over to Central Park, Queens, and Brooklyn if you want to feel that sweet, sweet breeze.

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