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12 Predictions For The Big Game Day That Have Nothing To Do With The Actual Game

What's the over–under on leftovers?

1. You'll know exactly which chair you'll be sitting on, hours before the game even starts.

2. No matter how much you bought, the salsa WILL run out by the end of the first quarter.

3. And don't forget, the wing drums will be better than the flats. Always.

4. Someone will feel the need to narrate every moment.

5. The social media commentary will be more entertaining than the second quarter.

6. You'll most likely have to use the bathroom during that one commercial everyone will talk about the next day.

7. Clear out some space in your living room, because the halftime show will be everything.

8. Someone will double dip accidentally. You'll be forced to give them a lecture.

9. That one friend you haven't spoken to in years will give you a call during a crucial moment in the game.

10. The food coma will kick in. You will get sleepy. You will overcome it.

11. You'll need to debrief the game with friends as soon as it's over.

12. You'll be back around the kitchen three hours after the game, searching for leftovers.