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Top Comic Book Couples

How do superheroes even have time for love when they're too busy saving the world? Let’s just say they are good at multi-tasking because many of these superhero romances have transcended their humble comic book beginnings and have become pop culture obsessions.

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1. Cyclops & Phoenix


Scott and Jean were both part of the original X-Men and their love became one of the cornerstones of the X-Men comics. Having one of the longest relationships in comic book history these two have a love that literally can save the universe. It did by the way. Whether it’s being possessed by a cosmic entity or an ancient mutant these two have always come back to each other. Not even the current death of Jean Grey in the comic books has stopped fans from waiting patiently for her to return to Cyclops.

2. Batman & Catwoman

DC Comics

These two have had major sexual tension since they first crossed each other’s path. Batman and Catwoman have both shown an attraction and genuine affection for each other. But with both of their damages psyches and life threatening lifestyles they have never officially made it worked. But that hasn’t stopped Batman from wanting Catwoman to reform from her life of crime. Although she has a morally ambiguous compass, Catwoman is definitely a woman who can take care of herself which is exactly what Batman needs in a woman. She’s purr-fect!

3. Daredevil & Elektra


While at university together these two became romantically involved. Years later Elektra would return to Hell’s Kitchen, as a hired assassin for the Kingpin, and have a run-in with Matt/Daredevil. Even though both felt their feelings rekindled with each other Matt was disappointed in what Elektra had become. When Elektra was fatally stabbed by a rival assassin she managed to crawl her way to Matt and died in his arms. Elektra proved to be a popular character and was eventually resurrected and she and Matt both still share an underlying romantic entanglement.

4. Superman & Wonder Woman

DC Comics

One of the newer relationships in comic books is between Superman and Wonder Woman. What we are left wondering is why did it take so long for them to get together? These two are arguably the two most powerful beings in the DC universe. If anyone can handle the man of steel it’s Wonder Woman. If anyone can help the Amazon princess adjust to normal life it’s Superman. They fit together very nicely and have much to learn from each other. Also, they look awesome together when they kick some bad guy booty.

5. Gambit & Rogue


None can deny that passion that has existed between Gambit and Rogue. For most her life, Rogue’s powers have kept her isolated. Any skin-to-skin contact would drain the other person’s memory, powers, and life-force. Even with that constant threat and her brash exterior Gambit could see Rogue’s heart and fell in love with her. At first, Rogue had just thought it a flirtation but soon learned that she too was in love. Even though they have to stay at arm’s length Gambit and Rogue have shown that their love can transcend the physical barriers of Rogue’s powers.

6. The Joker & Harley Quinn

DC Comics

The relationship between The Joker and Harley Quinn is certainly bizarre. Harley originally met The Joker while she was working as a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum. She became infatuated with him and eventually would become his on-again-off-again sidekick. Their relationship is a twisted one. They show equal amounts of affection as they do violence towards each other. But hey – they are both psychopaths so maybe that’s “real” love for them.

7. Spider-Man and Mary Jane


Mary Jane was initially introduced as a friendly rival against Gwen Stacy for Peter Parker’s affections. After Gwen’s death the two became very close friends. Soon they fell in love and their relationship became one of the main points in the Spider-Man titles. Eventually it was revealed that Mary Jane knew that Peter was Spider-Man and the two ended up getting married. But sadly, in an attempt to save his Aunt May’s life reality was altered with the pair never marrying.

8. Scarlet Witch & The Vision


The relationship between Wanda and The Vision is an odd one to say the least. She’s a genetically empowered being and he’s a life-like android. An android! Apparently, Wanda was able to see past the whole “android thing” and their relationship became popular within The Avengers series. Wanda was even able to get pregnant, although it was later revealed her pregnancy was due to her own powers, with twins from The Vison. When she loses her children Wanda attempts to revive them which leads to her mental breakdown and inadvertently destroying many Avengers, including The Vision. After The Vision was restored he spurred Wanda when she attempted to re-join The Avengers.

9. Colossus & Shadowcat


Piotr and Kitty’s relationship has had its share of obstacles. At first, Piotr was hesitant because of Kitty’s youth but as time went on and she grew up the pair finally admitted their feelings for one another. But every time the couple seemed to be on the verge of making it work something would tear them apart. Whether it’s having your mind-wiped or being shot off into space these two have always struggled staying together. The love is there but the timing is always off.

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